04.02.2017 - An Evolving Field In The Treatment Of Cancer - Cancer Bioimmunotherapy



09.30-10.00: OPENING REMARKS

Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Nurdan Tözün
Mission and activities of TCF, MTCC and NIBIT
Prof. Metin Ertem, Prof. Pier Giorgio Natali, Prof. Michele Maio

Chairs: Prof. Gül Başaran, Prof. Nurdan Tözün
10.00-10.20: Immunomodulation as Tumor “nonpersonalized” therapy. Available drugs
mechanisms, achievements.
Prof. Michele Maio/ Italy 

10.2-011.00: Changing paradigms in the management of malignant melanoma: Shared experiences

10.20-10.40 : Dr. Riccardo Danielli, Italy

10.40-11.00 : 
Assoc. Prof. Burçak Karaca, Turkey

11.00-11.15 : Q&A


Chairs: Prof. Sabri Ergüney, Assoc. Prof. Kerim Kaban
14.15-15.30: Immumodulatory Antibodies in the Exploratory/early development phase :The case of  mesothelioma 

14.15-14.35: Dr. Luana Calabrò / Italy

14.35-14.55: Prof. Fulden Yumuk /Turkey

14.55-15.15: Combination therapies: Ongoing trials on the use of demethylating agents based on extensive laboratory data.
Dr. Alessia Crove, Italy 

15.15-15.30: Q&A

15.30-16.00: COFFEE BREAK

Chair: Prof.Gökhan Demir
16.00-16.30: The future of Immunotherapy :Conclusions Future collaborations,
Round table discussion
Prof. Michele Maio, Prof. Pier Giorgio Natali, Prof. Gökhan Demir, Prof.Meral Beksaç,
Assoc.Prof.Burçak Karaca

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